Mission Statement

“To continue a tradition of bringing the community together as family through Fellowship, Generosity, and Youth Involvement in the spirit of Richard J. Kaderly”

The Kaderly Foundation was established to honor the memory of a beloved husband, father, Panther Football Coach, Councilman and long time Board of Education member, Rick Kaderly. We do so by awarding two scholarships annually to local students. The Kaderly Foundation also donates items to the youth programs of the area to help enhance the participant’s experience.

The first of the three gifts is The Richard J. Kaderly Memorial Scholarship. This is 4 year renewable scholarship given to a student from Manchester High School who has not only shown excellence in the classroom, but demonstrated leadership amongst their peers and given back to the community that Rick himself gave so much to. The Kaderly Foundation also awards the Richard J. Kaderly Citizenship Scholarship revolving around the same criteria to a student at the Portage Lakes Career Center and a scholarship to the Manchester football player that is the recipient of the yearly Rick Kaderly Award. Eligibility to win this honor runs very closely to the same criteria examined in the academic scholarships. We feel that all of the winners will go on to become difference makers in their community and we are happy to have a small part in recognizing their efforts.

Mr. Kaderly passed away directly across from James R. France Stadium in Manchester. It is a stadium that his father laid the block for, but in a town that he, undoubtedly helped to build. Upon hearing of his passing, the Mayor of New Franklin described him as Mr. Manchester, but all he really ever wanted to be known as…was Coach.

For over 40 years and for 3 generations of players, Rick paced the sidelines for the Panthers, coaching in the high school programs, middle school, and most of all Manchester Youth Football. He served on the Manchester Board of Education for nearly two decades, fifteen of those as President. He was a member of the Portage Lakes Career Center Board of Education, a co-founder of the Manchester Alumni Association, and a Councilman for the City of New Franklin. Like Rick, The Kaderly Foundation is pleased to help the youth of this community in any way that we can. It was a way of life for him and we hope to continue on the path that he showed us.

President: Rick Kaderly, Jr.
Vice President: Jon Mitchen
Treasurer: Jamie Kaderly
Secretary: Joy Luckenbaugh
VP of Membership: Dale Moon
Ex-Officio: Cheryl Kaderly
Social Media Director: Terry Harbaugh
Board Member: Kris Beitzel
Board Member: Michelle Kaderly
Board Member: Troy Luckenbaugh
Board Member: Mark Miller
Board Member: Karen Rogers
Board Member: Mark Yonker
Member: Bobby Bowen
Member: Lisa Harbaugh
Member: Nick Infantino
Member: Austin Klein
Member: Mike Krager
Member: Rachel Krager
Member: John Rogers
Member: Jill Sutter
Member: Katie Whiston
Member: Alison Wladyczak